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Clubs are vital to the Canberra community.

Since the early days of Canberra, our community has used its club structure to provide for our diverse social and recreational needs.

The entire purpose of the club industry is to support local communities and Canberra clubs have been doing this for more than 90 years.

More than 200,000 Canberrans are members of at least one club with aggregate memberships well over 500,000.

Canberra Clubs are an essential meeting place for our community – particularly the elderly and socially disadvantaged. Clubs uniquely provide a safe, friendly and affordable environment for people to gather and spend time together – to eat, drink, learn, play sport and enjoy a wide variety of entertainments.

Clubs are vital to the social fabric of our community and the local economy.

Not only do clubs provide over 2,300 jobs and source all of their supplies locally, they are also not-for-profit enterprises and the vast majority of revenue earned by clubs goes back into the community.

Official data from the ACT Gambling and Racing Commission also shows that over the last 10 years, clubs have provided more than $150 million in community contributions. This is additional to the gaming tax paid by clubs, which over the same period is well in excess of $300 million.

Although obliged to provide revenue in community contributions, licensed clubs in the ACT have consistently provided double the required amount. Club contributions span sport, infrastructure, charities, cultural and learning activities, politics and just about every part of community life.

Formal community contributions are only a part of the overall contribution clubs make each year to the social fabric of Canberra. Clubs also maintain significant community assets that support sport and recreation in the ACT.

The 1,100 individual organisations listed below is an incomplete list of the variety of community organisations that received support from Canberra clubs in the last full financial year.