Your Canberra Clubs

Your Canberra Clubs is an educational campaign that will stimulate conversation among Canberrans about the vital role clubs play in the social and economic fabric of our community.Clubs are amongst the biggest contributors to Canberra. They help to define our city’s culture, and have done so for over 90 years. Clubs provide safe, inclusive, social environments where people of all backgrounds can meet, relax, dine, celebrate special occasions, exercise, play sport and enjoy cultural activities of all kinds.Clubs support our community with jobs, entertainment facilities, social, recreational and sporting infrastructure, training opportunities, charitable donations and so much more.

Community research undertaken in July last year clearly demonstrates that many of our 200,000 club members don’t realise Canberra clubs run on a unique, not-for-profit model that ploughs profits back into the community. They don’t really understand the irreplaceable role clubs play in their lives. They also don’t realise why the survival of most Canberra’s clubs is now in question.

The unique community clubs model, which has sustained Canberra’s clubs for over 40 years, is under direct threat because an uncertain legislative environment makes it increasingly difficult for clubs to operate, diversify and modernise.

Our clubs are not-for-profit organisations ‘owned’ by Canberrans. They pay a huge amount annually to the ACT Treasury coffers, provide services to well over half the Territory’s population, fund community organisations, provide recreation facilities, employ 2,300 people and spend millions of dollars with local suppliers.

Did you know?


Did you know almost 80% of all foods and services purchased by Canberra clubs are sourced locally within the ACT?

Did you know that since the Government changed the general rates regime, clubs collectively pay over $1.5 million in rates annually? Indeed one Canberra club’s rates increased so dramatically they went from $12,000 to $47,000 in just three years!

Did you know our 50 Canberra clubs spend over $550,000 annually on liquor licence fees? They only represent 7% of the Territory’s 680 licenses but pay 18% of the total revenue raised. Clubs in NSW pay just $510 per venue to trade until midnight, whereas an ACT club of similar size and open to the same time, is required to pay a $5,000 licence fee.

Did you know we pay over $33 million in gaming tax, meanwhile the Government is considering a deal for the casino which currently only pays $1.5 million? That’s before the over $11 million clubs contribute annually to local community organisations.

Our community contribution


Canberra clubs keep Canberrans fit, active and provide opportunity for social inclusion

Our Sporting Contribution


There are over $500 million dollars of assets under management (ovals, bowls greens, entertainment venues etc) with over $100 million invested in the last five years and more than $150 million of planned investment in the next three years.


Clubs maintain over 400 hectares of urban green space for community sporting use, but suffer from additional charges, despite the obvious community benefit of these facilities. They pay usage charges for the water we catch in our own dams to irrigate our courses. Charges like this don’t exist anywhere else in the country.

Clubs are an employer of choice

2300 PeopleThe ACT has less clubs than every other State and Territory, yet we employ more people than every other State, except NSW.

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