Tenpin Bowlers strike gold with the Vikings

By on September 15, 2016

Your Canberra clubs invest in supporting our local sporting talent, regardless of their background, age or skill level.

Since it began in 1998, the Independent Disabled Tenpin Bowlers of the ACT (IDTBACT) has received valuable support from the Vikings Group.

The association, based in the Tuggeranong Valley, is an accessible sporting group for people with disability in Canberra. Originally starting out as a group of just six, it’s now grown to just over 40 tenpin bowlers!

IDTBACT helps its members to play the sport through providing all kinds of opportunities. Players of all ages can participate in a range of training, social, and competitive tenpin bowling events.

The Vikings Group sponsorship reduces the cost of attending tournaments and gives all members the opportunity to play. The Group’s funding has enabled players to compete in events such as the National Disabled Tenpin Bowling Championships.

Michael, president of IDTBACT described how the association relies on the Vikings Group to continue its great work. “With the generous financial support of the Vikings Group, we’re able to provide our players with a safe, friendly and nurturing environment to help them develop their bowling skills.”

“We run a Tenpin Bowling League called the ‘All Sorts’ league. It helps integrate bowlers with disability into competitions with able-bodied bowlers. The group really helps seek out the ‘ability’ within the ‘disability,’ and we couldn’t do any of it without the Vikings,” Michael gratefully emphasised.

“It doesn’t matter what their skill or level or ability is, we’re here to help everyone get involved in the wonderful sport of bowling!” he concluded.

To watch a video on the Independent Disabled Tenpin Bowlers of the ACT, created by CIT student Rossen De Ramos, click here.

Can you imagine how much Canberra’s sporting community would suffer without the Vikings Group?