Helping footballers rise to the top

By on October 4, 2016

The Belconnen Raiders Club helps sporting heroes grow and succeed. But did you know the Club works with the Men of League Foundation to support rugby league players who have fallen on hard times?

The Men of League Foundation acknowledges that our sporting stars deserve recognition and respect, both in times of triumph and hardship.

The charity provides practical and valuable assistance of all kinds including rehabilitation, medical operations, nursing equipment, welfare support, or grants and scholarships. The Foundation’s work is inspiring and they now boast a membership of over 26,000!

The charity couldn’t exist without the help of the Belconnen Raiders. Noel, member of the Men of League Foundation, shares his story about the club.

“We frequently use the Belconnen Raiders Club for our meetings. The club assists us by donating the meeting room. They’re always very friendly and make us feel really welcome. The Belconnen Raiders’ contribution to the Men of League Foundation is very much appreciated!” he gratefully exclaimed.