Joe and Shirley

By on March 2, 2016

For 32 years, our Club, the Southern Cross Club, has run a Dance Club out in Woden. We formed in 1984 and since then the Dance Club has brought great happiness, inspiring people from all walks of life to the Club every fortnight. No matter how young or young at heart our members were, when the band struck up, we all felt 16 again. Since the Club started we have been given a venue, a beautiful dance floor and various prizes – all free of charge. If you add that up over 30 years, I would hate to think what the Club has spent on us. But they need to know; we are so happy and grateful.

Joe and I loved dancing at the Canberra Southern Cross Club and seeing so many people enjoying themselves, we wanted very much to be apart of this wonderful Club. Over the years we’ve had very hard-working committee members who gave up their time to attend the club every fortnight, doing anything they could to make the Dance Club a happier place to be.

We had themed dance nights organised where the top of the Cross would be decorated and our members would all dress up accordingly. The highlight was our Christmas Gala Dinner Dance, where the chefs whipped up a memorable meal for all to enjoy.

Joe and I have enjoyed our involvement with the Canberra Southern Cross Club and the Dance Club immensely.  Thirty years have slipped by in a flash but it has been most rewarding. Our lives were truly enriched by the lovely people we met and shared such happy times with, dancing the nights away.

Our Dance Club brought people together.  We enjoyed each other’s company, the lovely music supplied by our bands and made so many long lasting friendships along the way. Sadly, some are no longer with us.

Over the years we became much more than a dance club.  We became a family of friends, sharing and caring.  People who were lonely or had lost loved ones would be able to come along and spend an evening with friends.

Another great asset the board members have given to us, is our wonderful car park.  It is fantastic for ladies travelling on their own as they can park and walk straight into the club with little worry.

Nothing has been too much trouble for management or staff.  Every fortnight for thirty years, everything would be set up for us at the top of the Cross and staff were always on hand to fix any problems if any arose.

The Dance Club organised discos for the koomarri students.  They were free afternoons with a scrumptious afternoon tea and live band playing.  When we had to pack up the band, we often had a difficult time getting everyone to leave.

The Dance Club also organised afternoon tea dances for senior citizens and people from meals on wheels – just to name a few. Here again, it was a free afternoon put on by the Southern Cross Club.

Both Joe and I have so many wonderful memories of our involvement with the Dance Club and associated activities.  We are very grateful for the opportunity given to us by the Canberra Southern Cross Club, for the friendship of past board members and for being behind us all the way for thirty years. We cannot thank the board and management enough.

The Dance Club is still very much a goer, run by two wonderful ladies. So come along and support them, they would love to see you and you will have a fantastic evening, dancing the night away.

Love and god bless,

Joe and Shirley