Authentic German food at your doorstep

By on September 15, 2016

Looking to do something different this weekend? Why not try some traditional German food and experience the Bavarian hospitality at the Harmonie German Club!

As one of Canberra’s best hidden gems, the club hosts a range of cultural events such as German markets, live music concerts and an incredible restaurant.

The Knuckles restaurant, located at the Harmonie German Club in Narrabundah, is sure to impress you. Their hearty, diverse range of Bavarian inspired dishes will leave you feeling satisfied.

And their meal sizes aren’t for the faint hearted. Don’t worry if you can’t get through their generous servings, you’ll be glad to be handed a doggy bag to enjoy it all over again!
As the starter, we tested the curry wurst, a traditional German Bratwurst sausage served over spiced hot chips. This dish gave us a taste of the traditional German flavor and made us eager for the mains.

Watching the waitress carry these two generously sized dishes was an experience on its own. The portion sizes excited many onlookers at the restaurant and mouths were watering!

First was the rinder rouladen, a delicious protein wrap consisting of carrot, onion, pickle and bacon rolled in beef fillet and served with buttered spaetzle and red cabbage with red wine sauce. If this presentation doesn’t impress you, wait until you cut into it! The perfectly wrapped layers are visually appealing and every delicious bite will convince you that the dishes here are made with love.

The next dish to attract some applause was the much awaited pork knuckle. This behemoth roasted ham hock was served with mashed potato, sauerkraut fried onions and red cabbage with red wine sauce. The knuckle was topped with perfectly baked pork crackling and contrasted with creamy potato mash perfectly.

For the desert we shared a traditional German apple strudel paired with vanilla ice cream, warm custard and topped with whipped cream and jam. Even after one of the biggest meals of our life, we couldn’t help but lick the desert plate clean. The apple strudel was cooked to perfection with just the right mixture of temperatures, textures and flavours on the plate.

Speaking to other restaurant guests it’s clear this hidden gem won’t stay hidden for long! Franky Chanthanao, delighted with his meal, explained that he was pleasantly surprised with the affordability and diversity of the food.

“The meals here are very affordable, it’s a great place to bring your family along for a special occasion or to try something new!” Franky says.

And the pork knuckle didn’t disappoint him either as he continued, “The presentation, taste and texture, it’s like something out of Masterchef!”

Rinder Rouladen - Harmonie German Club

Rinder Rouladen – Harmonie German Club

Harmonie German Club Curry Wurst

Harmonie German Club Curry Wurst

Pork Knuckle - Harmonie German Club

Pork Knuckle – Harmonie German Club

Apple Strudel - Harmonie German Club

Apple Strudel – Harmonie German Club