Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of community clubs?

Clubs across the ACT were built by the community. They were built by football clubs, ethnic based organisations or like minded individuals who wanted a place to meet, have fun and ultimately raise funds for their community.The club industry exists to support local communities and Canberra clubs have been doing this for over 90 years!
ACT clubs are not-for-profit organisations which plough profits back into the community. They play a vital role in the social and economic fabric of our community and help define our city’s culture.Clubs are important to every one of us.

How many people in Canberra belong to a club?

Clubs across the ACT hold over 200 000 memberships!

How are clubs structured?

Clubs are not-for-profit organisations. Club members volunteer to run for positions on the Board a club. Members are eligible to vote at Annual General Meetings to elect the Directors. All Directors roles are held by volunteers who are acting in the best interests of the club.The Board is responsible for the appointment of paid staff – senior management etc, as well as the financial position of the organisation.Board members are heavily involved in all major business decisions including community contributions, infrastructure development for the community and investment and diversifying of business.

What do clubs contribute to the community?

Clubs provide a wide range of services that benefit the Canberra community.Clubs provide inclusive, social environments where people of all backgrounds can meet, relax, dine, exercise, play sport and enjoy cultural activities of all kinds.There are over 2,300 people directly employed in Clubs. Canberra clubs provide entertainment facilities, manage and maintain recreational and sporting infrastructure and provide the community with millions of dollars of support every year.Canberra clubs donated $125 million in the last decade to over 1,100 community organisations.Almost 80% of all goods and services purchased by Canberra clubs are sourced locally within the ACT.Imagine how severely the local economy would be impacted if clubs ceased to exist?


What do clubs contribute to employment in the ACT?

The ACT has less clubs than every other State and Territory, yet employ more people than every other State, except NSW.2300 PeopleOf the 2,300 people employed by clubs in the ACT, 45% are casual employees, 29% are full time and 24% are part time.In 2007 alone, gross expenditure by Canberra clubs was about $208 million with over $86 million paid in wage, salaries and payments to contractors. This pours millions of dollars back into the Canberra economy every year!

What do clubs contribute to live music in Canberra?

ACT clubs discover and nurture a diverse array of local talent, with Canberra’s community clubs responsible for almost half of the overall annual venue spend on live music in the Capital. Canberra clubs have not only fostered the growth of Canberra’s music scene, but have also leveraged musical careers for many local artists on a national and international stage.Can you imagine what Canberra would be like without clubs’ live music contribution?Clubs spend $1.2 million on live music royalties alone, with a further $500 000+ being spent on local bands and entertainers.clubs-music-spend

How do clubs contribute to sport in the ACT?

Canberra clubs play vital role in fostering sport for all ACT residents… from the youngest teams through to the Masters. Clubs provide accessible, inclusive and positive environments to encourage participation in sport and sporting activities that improve the wellbeing of the community.Did you know Canberra clubs have donated $131.6 million to local sport teams and sporting infrastructure since 2000?Canberra’s clubs maintain a wide range of sport and recreational infrastructure including 6 golf courses, 20 bowling greens, 3 cricket fields, 5 football fields, a hockey centre, a basketball stadium, a racecourse, a yacht club and tennis courts.Canberrans are accustomed to using beautifully maintained sporting facilities in the ACT, but don’t know most of them are owned and maintained by clubs who have over $500 million of assets under management. Clubs also plan to invest $150 million in facilities or greenfield sites in the next three years.area-map

Why is there a Your Canberra Clubs education campaign?

More than 200,000 people hold club memberships in the ACT – many belong to more than one club. Research undertaken last year revealed that while most members love their clubs, they don’t really appreciate or understand the multi-layered role clubs play in the Canberra community or how their own lives would change if clubs are not longer there.

Why is the survival of community clubs now in question?

The community clubs model, which has sustained Canberra’s clubs for so long, is under direct threat because of an uncertain legislative environment. As a result, it is increasingly difficult for clubs to diversity and modernise their operations.Clubs have been forced to operate within a constantly changing and increasingly precarious legislative environment for years. The government continues to impose new charges and taxes on clubs and at a rate well above other Australian jurisdictions.For example, did you know the ACT liquor licence fee structure is based on the size of the venue but not to its risk? While clubs in NSW pay just $510 per venue to trade until midnight, an ACT club of similar size and open to the same time is required to pay a $5000 licence fee.Or did you know that since the government changed the general rates regime, clubs collectively pay over $1.5 million in rates a year?And that’s before the over $11 million clubs contribute each year to local community organisations.Clubs pay over $33 million in gaming tax on top of rates, water charges, GST and licensing fees. Meanwhile, the government is considering a deal for the casino, which currently only pays $1.5 million. If the government continues to make the operating environment more difficult our not-for-profit clubs will be squeezed out of existence and the whole Canberra community will lose.

How can I support Canberra clubs?

Showing your support is easy! Tell us you care by adding your name here.Share the Your Canberra Clubs message with your family and friends and encourage them to add their name too.
Let us know what you love about your local club by sharing your Canberra club stories using the #yourcbrstory hashtag.Join us on social media by liking the Your Canberra Clubs Facebook page, following us on Twitter and sharing our posts with your online networks.Become a Proud Supporter.Become a Campaign Sponsor.

Take part in your local club’s events, just like so many other people in the local community already do!

What is a Proud Supporter?

Proud Supporters are individuals and organisations who want to demonstrate their support for Canberra clubs and help us spread the message about how important clubs are to the future of our community. It’s simple to be a Proud Supporter and it’s FREE.If you want to get involved click here.

What is a Campaign Sponsor?

Campaign Sponsors are individuals and organisations who donate $1100 (inc GST) or more to help us run the Your Canberra Clubs education campaign. Sponsors receive campaign benefits in return for their help.For more information and to get involved click here.
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